Laptops coming to high schools?

As you may have heard in Gov. Baldacci’s speech, there looks to be a chance of the laptop program being extended to 7-12.

Regardless of our feelings on the program and its validity, if this becomes a reality we should be as ready as we can be for this new opportunity. Very little is known at this point and I debated if it was too soon to open it up to discussion. I decided to throw caution to the wind.

I welcome discussions about whether or not the laptop program (MLTI) is a good idea or how it should be changed. For what it is worth, I personally don’t think this is an economically appropriate time to expand the program. However, IF laptops do come to the high school next year IT WILL CHANGE HOW WE TEACH.

I hope to get people thinking now about how this change might impact our school if/when it does happen. To this end, I have posted this message on my blog: If you have a thought, comment or question please post it to the blog. If enough people post comments it may encourage greater discussion on the topic.

Hopes, dreams, fears and nightmares are all welcomed in this discussion. The great potential and potential pitfalls of the laptops must be fleshed out as much as possible if we are to make the best of the situation or at least survive it.

If you’ve read this far, seek professional help. 


Mazel Tov!


One response to “Laptops coming to high schools?

  1. Of course I can see promise in this proposal – if Google Sketch-up were installed on the machines, I could incorporate it into my classes. It may not be the time to expand the program but maybe it’s time to discuss the idea – we all know it’s unlikely happen overnight.

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