Darn the Cables! Full Speed Ahead!

Even with the lagging economy some of us will find ourselves in the situation of getting a new TV during the next year.  My wife and I were really quite happy with are old 27 inch tube TV that we had received about 8 years ago as a wedding gift.  I really wanted a new flat screen TV but I could not justify the cost when the one we had worked fine.  Well one day it stopped working fine and we “had” to get a new one.  This  post is not about which TV to get.  It is about the cables that WON’T come with the TV.

The new TV (LCD  or Plasma) come with the standard RCA type inputs but they will also have two other kinds of ports you might not be familiar with.

First is Component…NOT Composite.  Component will have ports that are  blue, green and read.  These are video only.  The standard red, yellow and white ports are video and sound.

The other new port is called HDMI.  This is a single connector that carries video (HD) and sound.  The newer game consoles use these ports.

The bugaboo in all this is the cables are WAY over priced at most big box stores.  Walmart is kind of reasonable but store like Best Buy are practically robbing you.  DON’T BUY THESE CABLES FROM BEST BUY!  They litterally charge $100 for a cable that will cost between $10 and $20 dollars at places like cablesforless.com

If anyone tells you that they $100 cables are worth it because they make the picture look better run away.  Countless researchers have shown the high end cables do no better than the run of the mill affordable ones.


One response to “Darn the Cables! Full Speed Ahead!

  1. And if you belong to Sams Club, they are even cheaper than that. You might have to compromise on the length of the cables you can buy there but … $100 HDMI cables – hahaha

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