Smart Folders…Staying Organized

Have you seen my desk lately?  It is a little embarrassing at times. Papers that have been “organized” into piles.  You can imagine what can happens with all of the files on your computer.  But with the MacBooks there is a solution.  Now, the proper thing to do would be to have folders set up and be sure to file things properly.  But now we don’t have to.  We can use Smart Folders.  These folders allow you to set certain conditions so that the Smart Folder will only show the types of files you are looking for.  For example, you can create a folder that will only show your files labeled TEST or QUIZ.  Now this folder doesn’t actually contain any files but finds the files that you want.  Confused?  It makes more sense to see it and try it for yourself.


Select New Smart Folder from the Finder.  In the window that appears next click on the “+” and choose what kind of files and keywords you want to show up in that Smart Folder.  You can set the folder to find text files, powerpoints or any other types of files with any keywords you want.  Save the Smart Folder and place it where ever you like.  From now on just open the Smart Folder to display the contents.

Please give this a try or contact me if you need some help.


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