Google Docs and Forms

This is a non-Mac related post. Google, the ubiquitous search engine, also has a lot of other tricks up its sleeve. With a free Google Docs Account you can use Google’s own online word processor and spreadsheet programs. These work like traditional programs but work through a web browser. The advantage with these is the ability to share documents with anyone over the internet. An extension of these tools is Google Forms. This set of tools let you set up a form like a survey or feedback form. The results from this form gets places nicely into a spreadsheet. All you need to share the form is to send a link out via email or post to another website. These tools lend themselves well setting up an online quiz or class feedback form. I’ve set up one here. It’s a little rough but functional. Below you will find a video from YouTube that demonstrates what I so poorly described here.

Here is what the results look like as they are updated by those who fill out the forms.


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