Back up your data…or else!

Right to the nuts and bolts.  Ways to save you data:

1)   Back up to the school server using the Serverlogin App.  Simply drag your files to the folder and done.  Use this method if you have mostly just text files and Powerpoints.

2)  Burn a CD.  Get a blank CD.  Pop it in and just drag your files to the CD and “Burn” it.  If you files are 600 MB or less this works but you’ll have to repeat the process as you add files to your computer.

3)  Get a USB Flash drive.  The bigger the better.  2 GB (thats Gigabytes) should be enough and are pretty cheap…($8-$12).

4)  Get an external hard drive.  Again, the bigger the better.  This method is for people who have A LOT of data.  If you have more than 8 GB of your own files on the computer you should look into a 40 GB or larger drive.  This is the most expensive option which might cost you $40 or more dollars.

If you’re asking, how do I know how much stuff I have?  Here is how.

On the MacBooks, find the folder labeled Teacher (it is your home folder so it will look like a little house). Click on it ONCE. Next, hold down the Apple key and the letter “i”.  A window will appear and tell you how many MB (megabytes) you have or GB you have.

Backing up your data applies not just to the MacBooks but any and all computer files so please do it.

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