Edit a PDF…YES You Can!

PDFs are great.  Why you ask?  Simply put, a PDF is cross-platform compatible.  Just about any computer can open a PDF file.  The PDF will also retain the exact look that it has on your computer so no weird formatting happens.  A PDF is usually locked in such a way that it can not be edited.

This is good if you want to make a form that doesn’t change.  But a lot of forms you find as PDFs you might want to be able to fill in on the computer.  With OS 10.5 it is very simple.

First off, Preview is the program the Mac uses to open

PDFs by default. Often this will open WITHIN a webrowser. In Preview you can simply click in the PDF now and begin typing.  You may not be able to save it but you can print it.  This is especially useful for filling out district forms.


edit: This doesn’t work with all PDFs but is still worth a try.


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